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Jim Musgrave’s award-winning story, “Letter to the President of the United States,” appears along with 15 other excellent stories in this year’s Eric Hoffer Award Winners.  You can purchase a copy online today.

Jim’s story is a psychological drama that takes place at the beginning of the war in Iraq in 2003.  An Iraqi engineer who worked for Saddam Hussein has lost his memory due to traumatic events, and a U. S. Marine Sergeant and Arab-American translator gets his psychiatrist father to assist him in recovering the engineer’s memory along with what might be called his “soul.”


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Click on the player or the link below to listen to the Nikki Leigh Talks WIth Jim Musgrave About The President’s Parasite show

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Special Offer:  Listen to a story to see if you like the audio format.

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Wild West of Zinggong

Wild West of Zinggong

If you enjoy a good scifi story, then you might want to check-out my new audio fiction being sold at Sniplits.com (same place that sells “What Were You When You Were Alive?” I may be working this into a novel, but I want to get some reactions to the first chapter.

“Zinggong” ByJim Musgrave
In 2852, the U.S. is a wild west tourist attraction, where police sergeant Julian Gaston discovers the secret behind the shooting death of Duplicant Sheriff, Wyatt Earp…
Time: 28:14 / $0.88
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The Gitano

San Francisco, CA.  My short story, “Muló,” appears in this Bram Stoker Award nominated volume, Beneath the Surface:  13+ Shocking Tales of TerrorIt’s about a young gypsy king, living in 1930s New York City, who reaps revenge on his Nazi-sympathizing professor of Anthropology at CCNY.  The story was first published in my short fiction volume, The President’s Parasite and Other Stories.

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Author Jim MusgraveBook ClubsWrite for free ebook copy to review and set-up your personal interview with the author for your club’s meeting!

Listen to the author read the title story!

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“Jim Musgrave is a talented writer with brilliant ideas. His writing shows he is an educated man and very well-rounded. He can talk freely about religion, politics, and worldwide events with a vast knowledge. Moreover, his short stories will make you think and laugh.  I really enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get a good laugh at the world around us.”

Manuela Pop, Bookpleasures.com

Stephen King commented in one of his books–sorry I don’t remember which one–that the popularity of short story compilations has lost favor with contemporary readers, and I guess he should know. If that is indeed the case, I would ask that you make an exception and consider reading Jim Musgrave’s The President’s Parasite and Other Stories as this is an exceptional book–contemporary, insightful, poignantly honest–a glimpse into the down- or back-side of life.”                                               

Kaye Trout’s Books Reviews.


“As an author, Musgrave exhibits two extraordinarily developed qualities: sharpness of perception, and vivid depiction of human characters.  One feature binding all the stories in The President’s Parasite is the urge to realize where the problem lies and the need to work out how to tackle it. In this sense, these stories are a practical guide to wise judgment and use of one’s brains.”
Ernest Dempsey, TCM Reviews 


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New!  Use this handy reader to view a preview of what’s inside.

First, download DNL Reader

Next, The President’s Parasite and read it.

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The President’s Parasite 2006 Sample excerpts from the short story collection by Jim Musgrave. It also includes where to purchase the book and the price.


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