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Jim Musgrave’s award-winning story, “Letter to the President of the United States,” appears along with 15 other excellent stories in this year’s Eric Hoffer Award Winners.  You can purchase a copy online today.

Jim’s story is a psychological drama that takes place at the beginning of the war in Iraq in 2003.  An Iraqi engineer who worked for Saddam Hussein has lost his memory due to traumatic events, and a U. S. Marine Sergeant and Arab-American translator gets his psychiatrist father to assist him in recovering the engineer’s memory along with what might be called his “soul.”


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My audio (mp3) short story, “What Were You When You Were Alive?” (pen name, Efraim Z. Graves) is now #10 on the best-seller’s list at Sniplits Short Stories 2 Go.  Login and buy a copy for .88 cents.  (Note:  Sniplits publishes a free story each week for members only). 

San Diego Homeless Vets Stand Down

“What Were You When You Were Alive?” By Jim Musgrave
A Gulf War veteran wins a different kind of “Survivor Game” in San Diego, fighting prejudice against the homeless….
Time: 30:12 / $0.88
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